Thursday, 17 November 2016

Brands2life : Functions & Activities of PR Agencies

For effective PR results, the very first step is to have a PR strategy in hand. The strategy would help PR Professional to take strategic decisions to organize all PR activities to make a best way for communication. It becomes a mandate for PR professional to develop a proper communication plan to make good relationship with media. In India, most of the big names in Public relations are in Delhi. PR companies in Delhi have huge clientele and thus it becomes essential for them to have a proper strategy in hand. It is necessary to make the outline of the strategy to make it successful. To make a proper strategy, one needs to determine the goals
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and objectives. For an effective output, the strategy should be very clear for proper execution. The more the purpose of the strategy would be clear, more would be the PR activity successful.

Target Audience: The second most important thing in a strategy is to know more about your target audience. A clear knowledge of the target group would help in the dissemination of the information among right public through correct mode of the media.

Key message: PR agencies in Delhi or let’s say of any other state should have a clear idea about what kind of message should be circulated in the media to get the maximum output. A best key message should be easy to understand, believable, credible, succinct and should drive the agenda

Tactics: After gathering the data about the target audience and key messages, the last thing is to have a proper idea of the media type. In which media, one particular message should be disseminated to get the maximum coverage for the client.

These are the steps for a PR agency which are necessary for the proper execution of the PR activity and to get the maximum output. These are the things which need to be taken care by the Public relations agencies in Delhi, if they need to survive in such a competitive market.

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